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Default Cowon X9 database limit work around?

I have been looking to get a new MP3 player since I cracked the screen of my iAudio 9 by leaning on the corner of something with it in my pocket. I am looking for a large capacity since my library has grown to over double the size of my iAudio 9. Currently I am leaning towards either the X7 or X9. The problem is this: I have only been able to find one X7 for sale since amazon cant get them anymore but it costs over $400 NZD. Now I can get a X9 with a 64gb sd card from amazon for $100 less, but it is said that the player has a file limit which would make the purchase of a card to increase storage pointless.

Is there any work around for the storage limit or do I pay the extra for the X7?

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