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Default Beware european warranty service centre

Hi all,

A bit more than 2 years ago I bought a Fuze v2 (happily rockboxed), and after around 11 months the headphone jack broke because when my headphones were plugged in my pocket each day I think with the action of my leg against it.

So I sent it to the Sandisk repair centre, which is in czech republic. From France that was a bit pricy to send the Sansa there (around 10 EUR), but as there is no other option... That's a pretty shitty service I would say, having to send back the unit to another country. So they sent me back a new Fuze v2 a couple of days/weeks later.

Then nearly a year after that, just before the warranty expired the headphone jack broke again (can only hear one side). First they argued that my warranty had expired but it seemd that it was because they messed up with the warranty date of a Sansa Clip I bought for a friend a couple of months before I bought my Fuze. So it took them some time to realize they were wrong and even after that they said that warranty was only 1 year, even though it stated 2 years on my Fuze package (and of course minimum warranty in europe is 2 years). Well finally I sent the Fuze back, they sent me a new one... With a different package, a bit dusty. When I started the Fuze the UI was different than my previous one, then I realized they sent me an old Fuze v1.

I had to update the firmware myself because it was on an early version of the v1 firmware, seems to show that this unit has been waiting on a shelf for a pretty long time. Realizing after a few days that v1 had a pretty poor battery life (almost 5 to 7 hours less than my v2), I called them back, asking to get the same product I had paid for. After another couple of days I got an answer from the head of Sandisk warranty support in France saying that there is no v2 left and that for them it's the same product so they won't give my money back either or any other kind of compensation.

So basically don't send them back a Fuze v2, you'll get a v1 instead and they won't even give you some reduction on a Clip if you're not happy with having a old player with low battery life instead of what you had. Pretty shitty warranty support I think.

I read later that under european warranty law the seller is reponsible for the warranty, so you don't have to send it directly to the maker. Like for me if I got in touch with Amazon where I bought my Fuze, maybe they would have offered me a refund instead... I'll think about that the next time, in two years when my Fuze will have a broken headphone jack and I'll buy a Clip+ or Clip Zip and it'll break exactly the same as it seems to be a common weakness...
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