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Default Rockboxed Clip V1 keeps locking up, crashing

I have a Rockboxed Clip V1 2 gig player that at this point is kind of my "beater" player, in that I use it when I'm out working in the yard, doing the laundry, working around the house, etc., sometimes when I have insomnia I'll even go to bed with a pair of earphones on and the player set on sleep timer.

I'm running 3.11.2, just haven't gotten around to updating to 3.12 yet.

Here's my issue: The player ... and it never used to do that until I updated to 3.11.2 ... will just stop playing and lock up all of a sudden. It still will be powered up, because to make it shut down ... and you can hear an audible little click when it happens ... you have to hold the power button up and do a hard shutdown. I realized that one time when I did take the player to bed with me and I thought it had shut down with the sleep timer, but it had kept running and basically the battery had run completely down.

I like Rockbox, have two Rockboxed Fuses, a V1 and a V2, which work flawlessly, but I've basically taken to using the original firmware on the Clip. I know from looking at Rockbox site that there still are some quirks with Rockbox on the Clip and Clip+. Is this particular issue one of them? I've not found specific references to this specific issue at the Rockbox site/forums.

The reason I ask this is that I just picked up a refurb 8 GB Clip+ on eBay (had an 8 GB regular Clip that gave up the ghost, which I never got around to Rockboxing), and if this is likely to be an issue as well if I Rockbox it, as much as I like Rockbox I'm inclined just to keep it as is with original firmware.
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