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Default Bummed - Need a new MP3 player

I dropped my Sansa e240 tonight and I think it's finally dead. Yes, I know it's an old MP3 player but I'm attached to it. Been wanting to upgrade for over a year but never did. It's over six years old and had almost every day use for at least an hour. This thing was strong and I've always been in love with it. I accidentally hit the headphones when I was running with it and it flew out of my hand to flip three times on the concrete. The scrollwheel comes on but no screen, no click to show boot up, computer won't recognize it, etc.

Believe it or not I'm pretty picky with MP3 players. This one suited me even though I know now there are way more advanced ones out there that would be good. I don't have much of a budget, though, and am discouraged. I was also wanting something to read ebooks but as far as I can tell browsing the forums tonight, it doesn't look like there is a good quality Mp3 player that is a decent ereader. How discouraging.

I need something I can be physically active with

I need a decent screen, I cant stand nonexistent or finger sized screens

Expandable storage is a huge plus if possible. If it doesn't have expendable memory it needs plenty of room, which would probably be outside my budget range. Looking for under $200

I'm not much of a touch screen person but can deal with it if need be

Id love something I can read ebooks with, but doubt its out there??

I like playlists and seeing album art. My beloved Sansa was rockboxed and that was awesome. I don't have to have another one that can be rockboxed honestly, as long as it does great things like some of the rockboxed does.

I'd love to save money and not have to get a separate ereader, but I don't want to run around with a tablet if its fragile and because of that Ive never bought an HD type MP3 player, only used flashed. I don't get creative players because of two bad experiences with them.

Any ideas? Thanks guys.
Sansa e240 - Rockboxed
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