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Default Which Cowon should I get? X7, X9 or Z2?

Hi all,

I'm on the hunt for a new MP3 player since I just broke the headphone port on my Samsung R1 after dropping to the ground and nearly being hit by a car. I've been eyeing a new MP3 player for awhile and this incident has just made it come around quicker.

What i'm looking for is an MP3 player with a large storage capacity and amazing sound quality, which is why I want a Cowon. But after doing some research, I'm still unsure which one to get. With a collective music library (nearing 100GB and just over 11,000 songs) I really want a Cowon X7. I don't really care about any of the other features and I can live with a resistive touchscreen.

The only issue that has hindered me is the fact I've read a lot of Amazon reviews detailing that the Cowon X7 becomes a bricked device when the battery completely runs flat. I've checked the firmware updates for the X7 and there is no mention of it being a known issue or being a resolved issue. If this is an issue, then I'm not going to risk spending 200 on something that most likely become bricked in a month's time.

Which leads me looking into another player. I've been eyeing the X9 and Z2 aswell. The Z2 is much better, but is also more expensive. Personally, I don't want to fork out that much money (240) for a Z2 that's only 32GB. I wouldn't mind doing it for the X9 but i'm unsure if you can put a 64GB microSD card in there. Would this be doable or is the maximum allowed a 32GB microSD card?

So could anyone advise which one to buy please? I'm looking to buy in the next few days so any quick advice and responses is greatly appreciated

Many thanks!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I've read a couple of posts on here regarding the X7 and it looks as if people are only getting the battery/bricked issue when buying from Amazon. Is this just a faulty batch that Amazon are supplying? I live in the UK and the 160GB version is unavailable on Amazon but the 120GB version is up for 200 new. There's also another website, which are selling both the 120GB and 160GB X7 new. The 160GB version is only 18 more making it 218 in total. I'm really tempted to buy it, but only if I know it's 'safe' i.e. it won't end up bricked once the battery runs out.

I've also noticed that on it says the player is not compatible with Windows 64-bit operating systems? Is there a firmware update that makes it compatible? I'm on Windows 7 64-bit.

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