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Default MP3 players that support rating songs?

Hi all,

I like to do a little DJ'ing in my spare time for fun, and I have a huge music collection. A few years ago I bought an iTouch because I was doing a job that required me to travel a lot for the government. I got the iTouch because there are places that I had to go where you're not allowed to take phones or cameras. The iTouch was perfect because I was able to watch movies and listen to music on flights, and I could take it into restricted areas with me and have my synced contacts. That was handy because if I needed to make a phone call I had my contacts right there and could use one of the secure phones inside the restricted area. Otherwise I'd have to go outside, use my cell, then come back inside. (Not a big deal normally but when it's a secure area you have to be checked in and out, bit of a pain.) Anyway, when I discovered the iTouch would let me rate my songs I realized I could save myself a lot of time making playlists and such. If I wanted only 4 and 5 star songs of a specific genre, that's quite easy to arrange - if the songs have been rated.

I spent 2-3 years rating songs with the iTouch but eventually decided I wanted to try a program other than iTunes so I installed Media Monkey. MM seemed like a great program but it has one fatal flaw - it keeps corrupting my song ratings. I'd ask for a 5-star playlist and there'd be a couple songs in there that I know for a fact I had rated as 3 stars. I'd fix them and then a few months later I'd ask for another 5-star list and the same stuff would happen. So now 3-4 years of work rating songs are in the garbage because I can't trust any of the ratings. I'm gonna have to go back and go through all the files again. After trying a few fixes I've given up on MM and decided to try WinAmp - but it turns out WinAmp doesn't sync with the iTouch devices.

So now I'm on a search for any MP3 players that will allow me to rate my songs as I listen to them. I don't even really care if they play video or have a touch screen. I don't have that job any more but the one I have now I drive 45 minutes each way and I like using that time to rate music (I still have about 200GB to rate). I also like to listen and rate songs as I'm working out ... I don't even care if I wind up getting one of the other Apple products as long as it does what I need. I asked on the WinAmp forums and only got one reply, telling me to look at Cowon, but I haven't found any information online about whether or not they support this function.

Any thoughts?

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