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Default ZVM freezing after repeated track skipping

Hi guys. New to this forum. I have a small issue which is winding me up.

Im a bit of a lazy guy and I have my ZVM on Random Play All all the time.

So sometimes I skip quite a few tracks inorder to get to a track that I really want to listen to. However sometimes the player just doesnt access the next( or last) track but the display keeps scrolling the last trcks info and the position bar shows >| if im shuffling forward or |< if shuffling backwards

I have to reset the player to get control back.

Oh yeah and another thing, while im on Random Pay All, why when I shuffle backwards does the player not play the last played track? instead it plays a different random track.

Other mp3 players when in shuffle mode and you go back a track plays the last played track so why doesnt the ZVM?

No, it does not happen on the same track OR after a certain number of skips. On one occasion it has actually happened after one or two skips. Other times it may take 20 to 30 skips.
I have the latest firmware, and, yes, I have reapplied the firmware. The freezing after repeated skipping was happening even before the firmware update.
The hard drive has no errors.
I have wiped and reformatted the hard disc a few times.
I have reset the player back to factory defaults.

still no joj.

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