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Default DAP for a 73 year old partially sighted woman!

Not me, but my mother. She really likes my Cowon J3, but as this has been discontinued, I was wondering if someone could recommend a current non-iPod I could think of getting for her (she has an old iPod that belonged to my dad, and really doesn't get on with it which is relief!). Criteria as follows:

  • Location: UK
  • Capacity: probably 8-16 gb, to make sure she has plenty of room on there, SD card optional but always nice
  • Budget: 150-ish
  • Use: Mainly audiobooks, in the house and out and about, but probably some music once she's used to it.
  • Type/Design: Doubt she'd watch video on it, due to her eyesight troubles. Hates white and pink products.
  • Features: Radio would be a bonus, and she does love her DAB so if possible... Not essential though. Delete on the go would be handy, so she doesn't lose her place in a book, so I guess bookmarking features would also be good. Internet access not necessary. She'd probably appreciate a speaker too
  • Display: large display with customisable fonts to make it as easy as possible for her to see what she's doing (that's why she likes my J3, because of the ability to make the text larger)
  • UI/Controls: not important, as long as she can see them
  • Battery life: the longer the better - she's just bought 60AAs to power her CD/cassette players to feed her book habit! Ability to listen whilst charging is probably a must.
Thanks very much for any help you're able to give!
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