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Default Looking for a new mp3 player

I used to own a cowon iaudio s9 wich died some months ago since then I am using my galaxy note as a mp3 player. Since a couple of days I replaced the battery for a thicker one but it just doesnt feel comfortable when I am working out with such a big device in my pocket thats why I am looking for a new mp3 player.

Location: The Netherlands
Capacity: 16/32 GB
Budget: 250€
Use: Mainly for working out at the gym or when I am riding on my motorcycle
Type/Design: Only use it for music so there is no need for extra options like video, images, games or text files
Features: Gapless, Good equalizer
Display: Size 3 inch
UI/Controls: Touchscreen
Battery life: 20 Hours is enough
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Maybe a Cowon C2?
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I suggest that you get a good low priced player such as the Sandisk Clip+ or Clip Zip for use while working out, as players used at the gym typically get broken or messed up rather quickly due to perspiration or being dropped. Trashing a $40 player is much less annoying than trashing a $200 or $300 one.

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Originally Posted by dgb52 View Post
Maybe a Cowon C2?
I did look at the C2 but the UI looks like its not really user friendly. Can someone tell me more about the UI?

@JK98 Iam really carefull with my gadgets my mp3 is always in my pocket with a closed zipper at the gim
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Your note will beat pretty much any media player available in a multimedia role. Sounds to me like you need a beater. The clip series players are the best gym/beater players available. Light weight, clip-able, physical buttons and a manageable size. They are the obvious choice.

Personally I find any mp3 player at the gym is too much of a hassle. The cords catch, fall out of ears or whatever. I spend more time fiddling with it than doing my workout.
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+3 on the clip but it won't give you 20 hr battery life. If rockboxed you could get around 15 hrs and real gapless playback.

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What is rockboxed?
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Rockbox is a replacement firmware that extends the capabilities of certain players. There's more info in my sig.

You would probably interested in the equalizer on a Rockboxed player. It's a 5 band parametric equalizer that has a greater range of adjustments than the one on the i9 you had.

The battery life on a Clip won't reach the 20 hours you say you would like even with Rockbox. Some deal with that by getting a portable USB charger. You can either use the charger while you listen to the player or as a stand alone charger. Depending on the size of the battery in the charger you can sometimes get several charges.
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