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Default Need an MP3 Android App

I am considering replacing my Cowon J3. It is starting to develop battery problems (I get about 12 hours from it) and it it is annoying that it refuses to recognize most embedded album art.

So I'm probably going to move to a Samsung Galaxy Player. For this I will need an MP3 playing app. (I don't use my phone much and the range of pay-by-the-minute android phones is not that large, so I'm sticking with MP3 players for now.)

Anyway, I generally need only basic features but I do want
-- app will download on a rooted device (I tested some players on a tablet. Songbird refused to download.)
-- app is aware of MP3 tags (a couple are not) and displays album art at large size (although folder browsing too is always nice)
-- app remembers where in the middle of the file I was when I turn the device off--this goes without saying, but you never know with some of the weird apps out there
-- app has fast forward button (essential on podcasts), preferably letting me choose how fast it fast-forwards. vlc can be used as an MP3 player but seems to lack this functionality
-- A way to play all my podcasts in a row. On the J3 I use a script to set the Artist and play all by artist, but doing this by genre would be better (some MP3 apps don't have a way to play all by artist or genre, though I suppose I could set more than one tag)
-- If I just change a couple of files, rescanning must be reasonably fast
-- *Every* player I have tried has a weird bug where a file with no Artist tag but with embedded art causes subsequent files with no Artist tag to also use the same art. It's so common I'm wondering if it's a problem with Android itself (the tablet I used for testing runs 4.0.3). I would rather not see this bug.
-- free, hopefully
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