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Default Clip+/Zip + RB + MicroSD: Do sync'd playlists work well?


I'm thinking of getting either a Clip+ or a Zip, and putting Rockbox on it. Before I make the jump, though, I want to make sure it will work the way I think it should. So, looking for opinions/experiences here...

I'm a "sync playlists" user. For small form-factor MP3 players like this, I just want to take a handful of playlists with me on the go. I use WMP for managing my library, and don't really want to change that. I used to have a Fuze, and I had all kinds of problems with microSD card content under this scenario (OEM firmware, not RB). Basically, I could sync a playlist to the SD card through WMP fine the first time, but if I made any changes to the playlist in WMP and then sync'd my changes, the reuslting playlist on the Fuze had only my changes (new songs), but the rest of the playlist was gone. All of the songs were still phyisically on the card, but the playlist itself was f'd up. The only way to resolve this was to erase the card and re-sync the whole list. Internal memory never had this problem.

My hope is that, with Rockbox and the new player, that adding capacity via an SD card is mostly "invisible" from a functionality standpoint. I don't expect to be able to have a sync'd playlist span volumes or anything, but am hoping that syncing playlists via WMP works the same, regardless of whether it resides on internal memory or the card.

Can anyone out there share their experiences in this area?

Thanks in advance!
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