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Default Can I put music from old MP3 onto new one

My Uncle Les lives in the UK. I put hundreds and hundreds of tunes on an MP3 player for him about three years ago, and sent it to him as a Christmas gift. It sounds as if the battery has now run out. I cannot seem to find a replacement (probably isn't one). My problem is that most of the music he listens to isn't my style - so I didn't keep it all.
Is there any way of getting the music from the old onto a new MP3 player?
Thanks Julie
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Welcome to ABi

Does it turn on and be recognized when connected to a PC? If it does and there wasn't some exotic or outdated software used to load it there's a fair chance you can get your files back.

We would need to know what brand player it is and how it was loaded. Some players, like the Zune, require specialized software to load and unload your files. Others, like sandisk players, can be accessed as standard drive letters and you can simply drag the music on and off like any other external drive. You may need be connected to a Windows PC if they were loaded in MTP (definition in the glossary in my sig) but you may be able to just drag the files back off again.

You also need to let us know type of files they are. If they are MP3 files they would be usable once they're off the player. If they are copy protected like some WMA and older iTunes AAC files, there's nothing you can do with them even if you get them off the player.
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You likely would be able to plug the old player into the wall (or your computer) as if to charge it, giving it power that way, and then transfer its music back to your computer. And then transfer the music to the new player (assuming that the new player will recognize the music's format--if not, you would need to convert it on your computer first).
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