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Old 11-10-2012, 02:52 PM
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Help Major difficulties with a used Gigabeat S (WMP won't detect)

Hey everybody. I bought a gigabeat S (specifically an MES30) from amazon.

First off, I think it might be a test version. All the references online to the Gigabeat S list it as an MES30VW. The designation on the back of mine is simple MES30, which isn't unusual, but there are other things odd too.
When powering up from switching the battery off, it shows a Zune logo with a huge TEST in a red box across the top.
It's also "missing" labels on the lower navigation buttons (looks like a +) but has them on everything else. I remember a review mentioning that some of their buttons were unlabeled.
Most importantly, it's missing several menu options that the user manual refers to, including the "restore factory settings" option.

I've been having fits getting WMP11 to detect it, though I've gotten the drivers installed and it shows up in my computer and in device manager. I've tried WMP 10 and 11 to no avail. I tried to get my laptop to detect it as well, but it didn't load the drivers from windows update, and I didn't expect a much better experience on the laptop.

I got this player to put rockbox on it, since I know that devices that use MTP annoy me to no end, and I think it could be a good player, if I can ever get it to work.

I'm not using a USB hub, the player itself shows "initializing" then "connected" and stays "connected" until I disconnect the USB cable. I just can't get WMP or anything else(the firmware updater and beastpatcher) to detect the device.
I've tried using WMP10, installing WMP11 with/without the player attached, checked/changed the file permissions in the regkeys HKLM\...\enum, tried applying the patch referred to about WMP11 hanging when detecting a device.

As it is now, if I attach the device with WMP running, WMP doesn't acknowledge it. If I attach the device, then start WMP, WMP hangs forever.

1) Is this a weird pre-release/prototype player?
2) Am I missing something, or is there something else I can try? I suppose I can do all this on the laptop too, or try to do it in OpenSUSE(linux), though I'm a novice in that OS.
3) Does anyone know what was "installed" from the original CD, or where to find the contents of that CD? I'm guessing it was an MTP patch for WMP10, but I'm not sure, and I can't find the cd anywhere. Even though windows picks up hardware drivers on its own, that doesn't mean that WMP has what it needs. The manual mentions needing to have the install CD to load the player to WMP10.
4) How do I do a hard-reset to factory settings? The procedures I've found say to hold the left arrow and start buttons while powering on, but that does nothing. I've tried the "left" and "previous screen" buttons.

I worked in IT for a few years, so I am pretty capable, but I'm at my wit's end, especially with all the intentional ignoring of the products by microsoft and toshiba.

For now, I'm walking away until later today or tomorrow.
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