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Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
Clearly a rather ghetto rip-off of the last generation Nano....a waste of time.
You are probably right, no doubt. I saw this looking for Black Friday adds. Trying to throw it out there.

I trying to buy more Sansa Clip Zips for gifts for my employees. The employees that do have Clip Zips really love them. I see them use them everyday. Not to go off topic too much.
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Originally Posted by Mo. FryDaddy View Post
It looks like they're selling the type of mp3 player he wants on Newegg at the moment, though the brands are not quality. (coby, eclipse, etc) At least they have a good return policy!
thanks bro but i want quality brand.
Originally Posted by Big Sky View Post
i also found chinese stuff like this and even ones that have video but from 99% of ppl here i understand it's not recommended... but thanks anyway.
Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
I'd sell you my 16gb Cowon D2+,...but I think it might be too big for your usage. It would definitely give you some great sq, and you'd get neRd cred!!!
thanks G-d bless you for that! but (you were right) i want something smaller. the d2 is almost 80 mm i want something like 66 mm like the one i had before (was chinese and now is not working) as i said the nano 3 is not bad it's 70 mm which is cool so maybe i will go for that, time will tell... thanks again to EVERYONE!!
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ok this is what we sell at work.
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please, go with the older iPod nano,...all the other cheap alternatives are garbage.
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You know everything else is crap when we we are recommending you get an Ipod on ABI!!!!! Lol
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