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Default Replace my RP-HJE900

Hi guys, so my RP-HJE900s are gone for good. They were my second pair and I'm really upset they've broken as they sounded so great. Now my main issue is trying to look for a similar replacement as I know their sound signature is so unique.

Really, what I'm looking for is practically the same sound signature of the modded RP-HJE900. So, fast and tight bass with good mid's and good crispy high end sparkle. I did mod my Pana's with the cotton wool technique to give that slight extra boomy low end. I don't really like flabby bass or bass taking control over the whole music. I don't really consider myself as a bass head, given the music I listen to, but I certainly like my bass knocking with good punch and tightness.

I mostly listen to hip-hop and electronica and have a budget of /$ 120.

On a side note, I used to also have the Radiopaq Jazz to which I also liked as the bass was quite tight with good mid's. However, it did need EQ an ironically, sounded excellent on the Jazz EQ setting on my iphone. I know these in ears are still being sold but I'd much rather buy a more high end set similar to the Panasonic's.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Edit: I did buy the CX300-II the other day and I do not like them at all. I find them way too bloated in the bass end and not enough clarity. Sound very muddy to me, lacking in tightness and speed in the low end.

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