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Default File names error

I've had my X7 for a pretty long time now. I guess maybe a year?

The other day it started displaying the title of the track I was listening to in all chinese (I think?) even though it was nothing like that before. Then it started naming every file and every folder the same thing -- on the harddrive portion, not the flash portion. Sometimes this happens on my S9, and when it does, a simple reset will fix it.

I have tried

-normal reboot
-database update (where it scans all the files again)
-reset hole

and it is just naming every file after the harddrive directory now (I just see long lists of "X7 HDD")

Anyone know how to fix this? It had happened once or twice before with the X7 I think, but I had been able to fix it just by rebooting before. Last week the touch screen wasn't responding and I had to use the reset hole. Maybe it's on it's last legs. I'm very kind to my possession and they serve me well for a long time because of it. I still have a 20GB ipod from 20 years ago that works. An ipod Video first generation that still works. An S9 from 3 years ago that still works (well, I have to order a replacement part because of the hold switch, but other than that..)

Anyway, guess these things happen but wanted to know if anyone has fixed it using some method I didn't already try.

// this user apparently fixed it, but did not bother to say how! Maybe there is a solution.

-----------------------------Solved ------------------------------

So here's the deal: If you tell the X7 to format in its settings via the player's interface, it only formats the harddrive, which is totally useless. What you actually have to do is format the Flash drive. I made a back up of everything on my flash drive, but that turned out to be unnecessary. Formating the Flash drive will delete everything on it, but then installing a firmware update actually has all the necessary files to make the device work normally. Just doing a firmware update didn't help (I was on 1.08 and installed 1.09). Doing it after I'd formatted the drive worked. I think I probably could have gotten away with just deleting all the files related to the database, but this worked just as well, although I had to reupload the comic files I had on the flash drive.

tldr: Format Flash drive via Windows Explorer. Copy firmware files to Flash drive -> player works fine again.

I am glad that some minor technical experience is able to overcome most of the little bugs with the X7 that pop up every few months. The X7 is counter intuitive in a lot of ways, and the format option in settings is an example of that, as is the way you switch the interface to text mode (hold down the menu button for a few seconds... You can only know this if you read the manual, and the defaut interface is pretty ugly). The X7 remains a very good harddrive player (in a market that's pretty much forgot the breed) and with the 1.09 patch that claims to have fixed the bookmarks problem (turning off the device, rather than just putting it to sleep, would erase all bookmarks) I can see myself continuing to get very good mileage out of the X7.

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