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Default Synchronizing playback on multiple mp3 players

Hello all,

I am working on a project where I need to synchronize playback on 30 mp3 players. Each mp3 player will have a unique track that is 30 mins long, and I need to be able to hit play on all of them at the exact same time so they are playing back in synch. I actually did this a few years ago using ipod nanos and a third party remote system called ijet -

I purchased 30 of these ijets and connected them to 30 ipod nanos and synched all the ijets to one remote. When I hit play all 30 nanos would start at the same time. The problem was, that they didn't start at exactly the same time (probably about a 500ms lag between them) AND sometimes one or two wouldn't trigger and they I would have to manually stop them all, and try to synch was pretty hit and miss.

I no longer have the ipod nanos - they were kept by the institution that originally funded the project. And now I am gearing up to do the piece again and I want to figure out a better way to synch start some mp3 players - no lag would be ideal. It doesn't matter which mp3 player I use, or if they are remote started, or can all be hooked up to a micro-controller that starts them. Always better to keep the budget low if possible.

An entirely different route I was thinking about would be 30 wireless in ear monitors, receiving audio from a multichannel DAC, but the costs of that would be astronomical, so mp3 players seem like the way to go.

Any suggestions?
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