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Default Decent DAP with wireless audio streaming capability?


I'm looking for a new player since my trusty companion for the last 7 or so years is starting to show strong signs of deterioration. This post here is kind of a last resort desperation move, as I've already spent hours upon hours on the internet researching to little avail, but maybe somebody on here will know something that I missed.

The conclusion I've come to so far is that the Sansa Clip+ (perhaps with a battery pack for long journeys) is the ideal choice for my primary needs.

However, what I would really love in an mp3 player is the ability to stream from my computer over wireless network, so that I can listen to arbitrary audio (re)streamed via my desktop computer while being mobile in my apartment, e.g. while cleaning. Turning my speakers up enough to fill out the entire apartment is a no go.

I would prefer a streaming mp3 player in order to be able to use the same headphones for everything, rather than having a separate set of wireless headphones (plus I prefer a smaller overall number of devices), and I also haven't been able to find a pure wireless streaming device with the parameters I'm looking for.

I *almost* bought a Cowon D3 (figuring I would be able to install a streaming app on an Android system) until I read the reviews of its battery life -- from the sounds of it, with the wireless interface constantly active, I would be lucky to get enough runtime out of a full charge to do the dishes.

So my question is, does anybody know of a DAP with the following parameters:
- Streams audio via WLAN (bluetooth doesn't have the required range) either as a built-in feature, or by way of an Android system letting me install an appropriate app.
- Flash memory and SDHC card slot, internal memory irrelevant (replacing a broken card is cheaper than replacing broken player, modularity ftw).
- Battery that can sustain prolonged use of wifi (charging overnight is fine as long as it lasts the day).
- No preference between buttons/touchscreen, although given the choice I will take whatever gives me more battery life.
- Small size device much preferred, but one way another I don't have room for it in my pockets and it will end up in a pouch on my belt next to the leatherman.
- Decent but not necessarily superb audio quality. I don't have super high quality headphones, and although there are exceptions, most of the time I'm happy with 160 kbits in my mp3s.
- Interfaces to a computer as an external storage medium so that it can be used as a USB stick for random files in a pinch.
- Budget irrelevant, if it does all of these things without compromise I will think about any price tag, even if I have to save up for it for a while.
- Android-based system allowing me to install my own apps is a definite plus, as I am a programmer and tinkerer and would get a thrill out of the ability to write my own features for my player.
- Needs good expected longevity (including battery charge cycles, unless replacement batteries are readily available). No price is cheap enough for a device that lasts no longer than 1 month past warranty.

Thanks a lot for reading this far, and I'm looking forward to any replies
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