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Default H320 won't play some new downloads

I've had my H320 for 7 years, never had a problem, and I'm following the exact same procedures I always have done. Last week, I bought two downloads from Amazon, a single track and an album. I synched up my H320 using Jukebox Synchroniser. However, whilst the single track was fine, the album would not play. It displayed each track name as having a length of 00.00, then went onto the next track, same thing right the way through the album. I deleted / resynched / redownloaded / resynched... same result. The tracks all play fine on the PC, and also play fine via the PC (i.e. from the H320 when I attach it as a device). The properties of the files are exactly the same, no encryption, everything else identical. I called Amazon, who were very helpful, but after 30 mins, I had to agree with them that it was something to do with the H320. I updated the firmware to the latest version, and a friend advised me to convert the offending files to non-variable bit-rate MP3 files, and resynch. Still the same. I even converted them to .WMA files (which some of my albums are) - still the same. I have about 25% free space on the H320, BTW.

Any ideas? Is it time to buy a new player?
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