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Default C2 keeps rebooting when USB connected

I just got a brand-new C2 and am having some trouble with it.

When I got it, I first connected it to my PC (Windows 7) to charge and load some files. This worked fine, the device was recognised by Windows as a mass storage device, I could copy over files and everything.

Today I wanted to connect it again to load some more files, but now it doesn't work anymore. When I plug in the USB connector, no matter whether the device was on or off, I hear the Windows "USB plugged in" sound, then the C2 starts doing a database update (after showing "USB Connected" for just a split second), and when it's done it reboots itself, making Windows unload the device and play the "USB plugged out" sound again. If the USB remains connected, the device will of course immediately turn on again and start doing the same thing over and over. It always goes in an endless loop of database update & reboot.

The player starts and works fine as long as it is not connected to USB. I tried doing a manual database update from the System menu, restored factory settings, and did the "Volume +/-" reset, nothing helped. It runs firmware v1.15. Since the drive never appears in Windows before it reboots, I can't even load the firmware update.

What do I have to do?

Edit: Okay, so this is probably either a Windows or motherboard (Intel X79 chipset) problem. I connected the device to another computer (also running the same version of Windows 7) and it shows up fine, the C2 stays on its "USB Connected" screen and doesn't do its database update until I disconnect it. I would still be very grateful for any help in getting it to show up on the other computer again, though.
I also figured out that the player does not automatically disconnect if I connect it before booting Windows. The whole cycle starts again though once I "safely remove" and reconnect it again.

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