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Default Sansa Clip+ -vs- Galaxy Nexus: FIGHT!

Well, no not really fight. But you get it. I've been a/b-ing a bit and fairly sure my new Clip+ sounds more tight, has more impact, better mids, no bass roll of, etc. However, this could be 'all' in my head.

I've also been looking around a bit and found this:

Also, found this excerpt somewhere:

I'm a music producer so my ears might be a bit more specific than most. The DAC in the gnex has a built in 'limiter', this is evidence when tweaking EQ settings that cause it to reach a ceiling, which isn't very high in terms of headphone audio output. The bass has a bit off rolloff and distorts well before the drivers in the headphones ever would, same applies to mid's and high's at a certain point.
Can someone enlighten me if the Clip+ is better than the Gnex, if at all? I'm pretty sure my ears don't lie to me. However, I would appreciate some confirmation. Thanks guys, cheers.
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