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Old 10-08-2012, 11:37 AM
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Default What the heck is Netflix doing with their Android mobile app???

Has anyone seen the recent revisions to Netflix mobile app on Android?
They have made the front end very centered around large icons/graphics of each movie. It takes a great deal of time to load the page, and finger swipes, etc, take forever to "register". There are huge delays/non-synch with audio and video especially when first starting to view. This list of negative reviews on the GooglePlay marketplace is overwhelming. Seemingly hundreds and hundreds of one-star reviews in the past month. It's like they just redesigned everything assuming that everyone was plugging their smartphones directly into a fiber-optic trunk. It seems to demand at least 2-3 times the bandwidth that it used to use.

What the heck is going on? Has anyone heard why the "upgrade" has been such a huge disaster? I don't see anything on Netflix home page and cannot get an email or chat with Help either. I'm thinking of dropping my streaming account, and apparently many, many other subscribers feel the same way.

Update: I called Netflix customer service and the guy was nice enough but told me this was a connectivity problem and I should unload and re-load the app. I told him this was NOT just a connectivity problem. Netflix has re-shaped their app and it is not good. I said he should review the hundreds of one-star reviews on GooglePlay. So Netflix effectively denies there's a problem despite 99% of the GooglePlay reviews in the past month being one-star!

Second update: I decided to uninstall and re-install. That was a mistake. Now I get the familiar red screen, then white screen of death, and that's all folks. Dead. Called Netflix help again and told them I would be pulling the plug on them next week if this did not get resolved. He said that they have had a lot of complaints on this. The tech guys redesigned the app so that it requires tremendous bandwidth and will not work on 3G or maybe even 4G. I told him that I was having all my issues on good wifi! So, Netflix has really pooched the pooch on this one. And I'm about to be a non-subscriber.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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