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Default Advice on a home Media Player please

Hi again.

as per the title, i'm looking for suggestions for a home media player (was going to post this in the Home sub-forum but it seems dead :-/)

anyway - having seen the light as regards sticking all my music on tiny cards etc instead of having tons of CD cases littering the place, i want a new player for my bedroom. dunno if i'm using wrong search terms, but i don't seem to be getting much suitable from Amazon etc, they all seem to pimp DVD abilities and TV hook-ups. all i want is something akin to your average stereo, except w/ a harddrive and MP3/4 ability etc instead. any suggestions? y'all did right by me w/ suggestions for the Clip i bought so I guessing this is the best place for this hunt!

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oh well, guess i was wrong.
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Personally I would just plug my Clip into a pair of speakers. Or get an extra one to leave with the speakers. I have an original Fuze that I sometimes use with speakers (don't use it for anything else anymore).

Everybody should own at least one Sansa Clip family player. Except maybe the Sport.
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