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Default Good compact mp3 player?

Let me start out by saying that I have bad luck with mp3 players.

Went to work with a fever so high that I didn't even notice I put my ipod nano 6th gen alongside my pocket instead of in my pocket and walked away with it on the ground evidently...

Then about a year later my rockbox'd Clip+ went through the washing machine... and now it only turns on for about 5 seconds.

Anyways here is what I'm looking for in the replacement:
1) 24h battery life (my ipod nano 6th gen had this and I loved it)
2) Small (honestly the clip+ was a bit fat. I'm perfectly fine with no display as long as it radomizes my playlist and can tell me the battery life but I would enjoy a visual display)
3) Waterproof/waterproof case available that won't add much bulk as I don't have a pocket for it and will be clipping it onto my clothing or belt.
4) Option to play random song from playlist on start regardless of what song I click play on. (Love rockbox)
5) Lock mode to prevent accidental button presses from registering, dual button unlock if possible (love rockbox so much)
6) Microsd slot if possible.

I can't think of anything that fits the bill so audiophiles please send help.
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Since you love Rockbox, get another Clip+. If you want longer battery life, there is the Clip Sport, however there is no Rockbox for the Clip sport. The Clip Sport also keeps card memory in a separate database from main memory, so you can't have a playlist with songs from both. It has a 2000 song limit for card memory, and a 2000 song limit for internal memory. it has battery life of up to 25 hours.

I can't think of any other good small players with a card slot(besides the hard to find Clip Zip).
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Good luck with the waterproof angle. Although I do have a waterproof pouch, like a thick plastic Ziploc pouch, for my Clip, which I'll use around (but not in) the pool--I'd be nervous to submerge it. There was (is?) a company that would waterproof a consumer's electronics (at least certain ones--I recall iPods on the list), at a hefty sum.

I'd just go another Clip+ or Clip Zip, Rockboxed (and avoid a Sport). And if something happens to it, it's a limited $ loss . . . .
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I found a company called waterfi that sells waterproof ipod shuffles that are internally waterproof'd for $150. That doesn't sound too bad to me. The one thing I'm not enthusiastic about is once again I'm back at a 15 hour battery life. If only there was a way to put a 24h battery in there and a bigger sd card it would be perfect.
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