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Default Volume setting ?!

Hi everyone!
- I'm new to these forums (1st post)
- I'm pretty much a noob
- My english is at best average
- I have chosen to post here as this site is supposed to be less biased than other famous sites (sponsors, snobism, placebo bullcrap, etc.)

I just wanted to know what everyone's volume setting is: do you leave the volume all the way up on your phones amp and use the source's volume control (heaphone jack) or the other way round? Or something like 50/50?
Will the SQ quality be different? (convenience is not a factor).
This question is driving me nuts...
Thanks in advance!

If that matters, my setup is: rockboxed Clip Zip -> Fiio E6 -> Sennheiser HD-25 (and a Objective 2 amp + a AKG 702 are on their way )
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