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Default DT-1350, Quality Troubleshooting

Greetings. I'm looking forward to being educated to know better what I might be misunderstanding and how I might improve my enjoyment of this song if at all possible.

The below linked .flacs are a pair of cuts from a song I've been using to help me demo a recently purchased DT-1350. At high volumes, the first of the two tracks leads to a crackling of sorts in sync with the ringing of what I understand to be a pair of As; one an octave above the other. I have listened to this song with the help of a Behringer UCA-202 with a Burr Brown/TI PCM29xx codec. With the help of a Fiio E11 in association with the RCA line-outs, the issue seems to be non-existent. Is this likely to blame then on the amp of the 202 or is it a poorly mastered recording that the E11 manages better? Any opinions from those who might listen to the clips on technically better setups than my own would be welcome.

The second of the two links, a cut from the same track, is difficult to enjoy on these phones. There is a grating to the vocals. Especially when the word 'hand' is heard and also nearest the end of the clip as the word 'should' is drawn out. This is the case both with and without the E11 involved. Is this more likely an unfortunate by-product of the recording that the Beyers are advertising or something a better DAC/AMP combo might remedy?

It had crossed my mind that the reference quality of the Beyers might be to blame for some of what I'm hearing. If my primary focus is on female vocals and separation of instrumentation, am I wrong to think the Beyers are the best choice?

Thank you.

Missy Higgins - Where I Stood
Piano Cut.flac -
Vocal Cut.flac -
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Convert the tracks to LAME V~0, use mp3gain to remove the clipping, then test the aforementioned headphones.


Or, the headphones are just too sharp in the highs - go get something less fatiguing.
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Hi, the DT-1350 has an impedance of 80 Ohms while the Behringer UCA202 has an output impedance of 50 Ohms. Such a high output impedance with the relatively low input impedance of the DT-1350 is quite possibly what is causing your audible distortion.
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