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Default CF cards in E320/340- good and bad bits!

Got onto these iRivers because ipod logic is so hateful! Experimenting with CF cards in H320 and H340....some more info. here. Some cf-IDE adapters don't work at all, files don't show in the iRivers themselves even though the Win 7 computer recognises and reads them, will check and format them as FAT32! These are all adapters with a red PCB and a slider master/slave switch, found as unmounted adapters, also mounted in Hexin CF to IDE enclosures. Green PCB adapters labelled "CF - 1.8"IDE ADAPTER VER: VA1" do generally work, similar fittings found in Startech enclosures work a treat. These enclosures are now a big rip-off in the UK (and right now only ebay seller esystems2020 has them) but cheap in North America!

So far I have not been able to install firmware from a CF card - need to have it on a real hard disk - can't understand this difference.

Battery life is greatly increased on players running only iRiver software, but it's markedly reduced on Rockbox. The main advantage of Rockbox to me - it doesn't do a file count on starting. The iRiver software does a count, though, and takes ages for a HD bigger than 40GB, so player can switch off before it's finisheg loading. Need to keep hitting a button at intervals to prevent this! So the software of the E320/340 wasn't designed for larger HD or CF systems and you just have to learn to live with the effects of this. I find it's well worth it, the players are really very capable hi-f- systems for recording and playback. Also you can edit/modify recordings without downloading from the player - run the USB connection and work on the file using your computer's Goldwave....
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