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Default My beloved Philips GoGear Vibe Vs Sony NWZA845

Okay so, Sony must 'of course' make the superior player, and I was just being silly holding on to my Philips love for all of these years...right..?

I own both of these players and here are the main points that have me now reverting back to my Philips Vibe.

Main reason for owning any mp3 player : Sound. To be perfectly honest, I've listened to both of them at length now and I listen to a wide variety of audiobooks on them with subtle nuances in the special effects in some that are going to test any mp3 player in terms of reproduction. Result ? There is barely any difference in sound quality whatsoever. And Philips is the 'underdog'...?

Video : Or course, I will concede that the Sony, with it's OLED screen absolutely trounces the Philips with it's ye olde lcd effort. Viewing angles on video on the Sony are absolutely insane. Viewing angles on the Philips are tragic.

Ease of use : A while back Philips got a positive nod for introducing players where you could delete tracks directly from the player without needing to hook it up to your computer to do so. Imagine what a let down it was finding out that this brand new flashy OLED backlit Sony mp4 player.....can't do this. Oh dear.

I only really use my mp3 players in bed, to help me sleep, this they need to not be silly touchscreen ones, because I need tactile buttons when they're under the covers. The Philips is nice and tactile and solid for skipping, pausing and adjusting volume. The Sony, by contrast, regularly had my fingers slipping all over the front buttons - the design clearly intended to look all flashy with precious little thought given to the fact you might not actually be staring at 100% of the time when using it.

The power button on the Philips Vibe is, admittedly, a bit rubbish. But at least it is actually the ONLY power button. Press ANY button on the Sony, for even less than 1 second, and the damn thing thinks you want to turn it on again. There is no practical purpose that I can think of for having any button at all turn your mp3 player on again.

Menu systems ? The Philips menu system is basic. It WORKS. Oooh you can move sideways, up, down, in and out on the Sony one. Have you tried finding anything in a great hurry like that ? "I think the way you meant to look for that track was...." Here is what the very definition of a "menu" should be : up and down. Thank you, Philips.

Support : The Philips Vibe supports just about every sound format you can think of - despite it's tiny size. The Sony doesn't even support .flac. Oops.

I'm so sick of Philips being bashed. In my experience of their players over the years they've been nothing but one thing : RELIABLE. No they're not the flashiest of players. But their response times have markedly improved as has the format support. Yes they've made some REALLY bad design decisions (not least the Ariaz prior to the current one) but I can't help wondering if I'm somehow living under a magic toadstool to have never once experienced all these "my GoGear won't turn on again" or "my GoGear broke after a week" or "my GoGear takes 3 whole minutes to start up" that I read of in any of the 4 generations of them I've gone through now. Have I really managed to find the only reliable batch of their players or something ? Let's be a little more realistic.

Philips might be accused of being boring but in my own personal experience their players are always reliable and always highly practical and that's why even after dabbling in Sony I just can't shake my lurve.
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