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Default Nextbook 7 Premium Review and Help

Okay guys, more help would be appreciated here. A lady I work with is selling two Nextbook 7 Premiums with all accessories for $120. They were hardly ever used. I know very little about tablets, and I would appreciate as much help as you can provide.

I have seen where you can get on the web with it and read books via Kobo, etc. Where does one purchase apps for it? Or can apps actually be placed on it? I have so much information I do not know about this device, but my little boy, daughter, and wife would really like these due to games, books, and internet.

Thanks for any advice.
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stock i doesnt have the market but if you do some googling there was a forum that someone rooted one of these and installed the market, but i isnt going to be very quick.
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Rooting is easy & quick,'s the cheap hardware that is more of an issue.
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Default Owner of A Nextbook 6

Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
Rooting is easy & quick,'s the cheap hardware that is more of an issue.
Yes, you can root the damn thing. I am quite content the way it is. It is a good book reader. As far as apps go you can use the provided SlideMe they have all the useful apps as Google or Amazon. They don't have the cornicopia of crap there.

It is a great deal but one is enough. If I were to buy a tablet straight out first time use I would be looking of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7".

It is my recommedation that you get a table with access to Google market if you are into timewasting software. Then you won't be disappointed. My tab of choice is Samsung 7" Tab 2 currently.
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Saw this thread on Google. It is possible to root it but it's only recommended for certain serial #s. Still not a big deal because it's easy to install Marketplace without rooting it using Android SDK and the abd.exe DOS program (tutorial: ) That way you don't risk bricking it by flashing the ROM on a device without a great track record for rooting.

SlimeME market is horrible and doesn't have most of the basic Droid apps; ES File Explorer, etc. It's useless. Before I got Marketplace on it I just went to Google and typed "[appname] APK" for everything with Apps from unknown sources enabled.

Yeah the hardware is what hurts it the most. Battery life goes down significantly over time and you're dealing with 512M of memory.
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