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Default Looking for high end Sennheiser IEM's

Hey, I was looking for a pair of high end Sennheiser IEM's.
I was looking to replace my Sennheiser CX300II's that I have.
I love them but I do want something that gives a little more base but not too much.

Price Range: $300 before tax
Type/Design: IEM's
Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Clear sound at both ends of the spectrum as well as good (not over powering base)
Media: Anything, mostly hip-hop and k-pop (closer to dance and hip-hop).
Location: Canada
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I highly recommend the OCX880. The fit does take a little getting used to, but the earphones have a great balance of deep, relatively controlled bass, nicely detailed and airy mids, and crisp treble. Since you have the CX300-II, they shouldn't be too bassy for you.

I believe Canada Computers still has them online for $70 CAD. I think they're wonderful at that price.
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