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Help Some newbie questions about the equalizer options in Rockbox on the Clip+

Hello, I got a few questions, not of the burning or practical kind, but i would be thankful if someone could anwer these.

In the manual it is warned that boosting frequncies may distort the sound. Is this distortion independent of the overal volume of the player? For example, boosting the bass frequncies 10dB could cause distortion when listening at a volume -50dB and not cause distortion when listening at -40db without boosting the bass frequencies. The distortion would be in the "preamp" and not in the "poweramp"?

In the sound settings there is bass and treble settings that are independent from the equalizer settings. How do these settings work in the Clip+? What frequncies do they boost or cut? Do the same warnings about boosting frequencies apply in these? Do these settings consume less cpu cycles than the full parametric eq?

Thank you.
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