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Default ES55 - 3 pairs in 5 months...

Hi all,

Last posted here in February ( and am now back with a slightly different issue.

I settled for AT's ATH-ES55s, purchased from Richer Sounds on 28th February. Loved them, completely renewed my music collection for me, a perfect size, couldn't fault them, especially once burned in.

However, after just over 4 weeks, the sound went. Not totally, but all bass and vocals disappeared into the background, and what was left sounded like is was coming from a bucket. Not what I'd want, and even CX300s hadn't broken that quickly for me! I hadn't been rough with them, and the shop was lovely and replaced them for me on the spot.

Alas, when I got home and took my purchase out the box, they were missing the screw in the left ear cup which stops them rotating 360 degrees. So I took them back again. Again, happy to replace, but had to order more stock in. Collected them a week later, and my ears were once more happy.

Fast forward to today - the first fault is back - bucket sound once more. They're still under warranty, so obviously I'm going to take them back to the store, but I'm wondering if I should opt for a different pair this time? Can anyone recommend something more durable without being incredbly clunky for my little head?!! The ES55s were the right size when they were on the smallest fitting, and the cups almost completely covered my ears. Sound leakage was minimal at my commuting standards. They were great. But I can't have somethign that breaks every few months, it's just not practical. I'm almost wary of anything AT again after this experience, despite the gorgeous sounds they made.

Has this happened to anyone else? It's not like I'm rough with them. I store them in the pouch when not in use, and keep them away from danger, like drinks and icky stuff. I wouldn't say they got particularly heavy use - maybe 3-4 hours a day max, as I can only have one ear piece in when I'm in the office (an old pair of SoundMagic PL21s that died in one ear after over a year's use).

Am I just unlucky?! I haven't read about anyone else having durability issues...
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