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Help Sansa Clip Plus + 64Gb microSD + Rockbox + Scrobbling?

Hello guys..
I need some opinions regarding my new sound equipments.

Recently, i bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a 64GB microsd. Im not sure if i will keep listening to my music on this device, as I find the max volume setting to be low. I tried a basic Philips ''over the ear'' phone, but i was not satisfied with the max volume. In Ear phones get higher volume settings - but i hate them. Im not one with huge auricular tunnels.

Im considering to take my sansa clip+ out of the locker. I dont know which one has better sound quality, but one thing is for sure: sansa clip+ is smaller - and i already know it is a damn little sound monster.

So i have a couple of questions:

1- does the Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ supports a Sandisk 64Gb microSDHC class 10 card? Mine is a Clip+ 4gb.

2 - Mine has already rockbox (the very first version they released for clip+). I heard that the RB has new versions and all. The only feature of my interest is: what about the scrobbling support now? It is realiable? Could one give me details about timestamp, multi-play tracks..?

3 - Which one may i choose to listen to my music? Galaxy S3? Clip+? Both? What would you do?

4 - I want to buy a Porta Pro 25. Any opinions on this one? Is it any good with clip+ and/or galaxy s3? Will i get any improve from Fiio amps?

I used to run with Nano 8gb 2nd gen. Great player if i do say so myself.. But 8Gb its not enough. I had also iphone 4s 32gb. No enough too! I rlly like iPhones and all but i guess im doing fine with my new android.

Samsung Galaxy SIII + 64Gb MicroSDHC
Sandisk Sansa Clip Plus 4Gb + 16Gb MicroSDHC
Apple iPod Nano 2nd Gen 8Gb Red Edition
Koss Porta Pro 25th Anniversary Edition
Sennheiser MX471
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64gb, clip+, galaxy s, microsdhc, microsdxc, porta pro, scrobbling

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