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Default Getting same order in random play mode

I am a bit confused as to how to get the player to play random tracks every time. I set it to random but all that happens is the same tracks (all different artists) seem to come round full circle every time. It is random to a point but with a pattern. What I want is proper random that will pull out anything from the whole library. Is this possible ?
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With SanDisk’s firmware? Probably not. With Rockbox? Yes. Rockbox’s shuffle function will play every track once and only once until every track is played.
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1.) Make sure Shuffle mode is turned on.

2.) Don't start with the 1st (or same) track every time.

Enigmatic is right though, Rockbox's shuffle algorithm is better than SanDisk's.
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I have the Sansa firmware with shuffle turned on. Funny enough, when I fall asleep with the player on, I wake up in the morning and it has switched itself off. I would have thought it would keep going until the battery runs down. Is there some kind of automatic shutdown ?
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Never used the sandisk firmware long enough on a CZ to have it run down or shut off so I'm not certain. However IIRC in order for it to continue playing you need to have the Repeat setting to All for continuous playback even when shuffling.

Also I believe it's been said that if you go back to the playlist, skip to the next song and start it to playing that resets the randomness of the shuffle algorithm. I'm even less sure on that. I can't remember the thread where that was discussed and I'm not finding it in a quick search.

I'd think it's worth a try. It should only take a few seconds and if it works, problem solved. Not exactly solved but it would give you a workaround.
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Yes on the original FW it can be set to close down after a certain time. Sorry, I've been on Rockbox for nearly a year and can't remember how I did it.
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