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Old 07-14-2012, 12:30 AM
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Default NBC, BBC prepare for the Olympics with live-streaming apps

Fifty years ago, you could have stated that the 2012 Olympics would be more electronically connected and driven than any before. And not only would you have been right, nobody would have argued with you. But had you said that we'd be watching live video of it on smartphones and keyboard-less computers that are only 10mm thick, you'd have been thrown in the looney bin. Nevertheless, that is what we are getting this year. Yesterday NBC released a pair of apps for the 2012 Summer Games and today the BBC followed suit. I hope this is a sign of more US firsts at these games!

For NBC, you can only watch live video if you already subscribe to all of their sports networks. If you don't, you may want to skip the NBC Olympics Live Extra app, and instead content yourself with news and highlights on the NBC Olympics app. Interesting tidbit: Adobe and NBC teamed up to make this app, and there is no small amount of media push about the fact that it is entirely Adobe-powered and built. Not sure if this means anything other than a publicity stunt, but it bears noting. Perhaps we'll see a heftier Adobe mobile presence in the future? Ironically, I may end up using BBC's app—from the US, which will unfortunately mean no live-streaming—due to the fact that NBC only supports “select” Android devices, and none of mine fit the bill.

For the BBC Olympics app, the requirements are much less rigorous. The same Android 2.2 or higher stamp is present, but even my deactivated original Droid is listed as compatible. Continuing on with the freedom movement, there is no mention of subscription requirements by BBC, only that you must be physically located in the UK for the live stream. All in all, I would recommend the BBC app over the NBC apps, even in the US. However, live-streaming trumps all, so NBC's app is worth at least a glance.

Who here is excited for the opportunity to interact with The Games live on their Android tablet? Will anyone be going, and attempting to stream at the events, like we do with American football? What events are you hoping to see? I have Score Mobile—which I check daily already—but I don't know that I'll be doing anything more dedicated than that. My wife, on the other hand, has already given notice that she will be commandeering the Droid for her horsemanship and kayak events, many of which are hard to find, even on cable.

[BBC | NBC | Adobe via TechCrunch | Droid Life]
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