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Default Audio Technica ATH-M50 - Amp?

So after I left my Samsung YP-P3 under an open attic window and a thunderstorm rolled in (I still can't sleep at night), and the battery now lasting a grand total of 20 minutes, I'm upgrading my entire setup. And I actually mean it this time, I've made a bunch of these threads before but this time I am actually replacing my setup.

Also, don't feel bad for the P3 - only 15% of the screen worked anyway due to dead spots. It was nearly inoperable and Samsung didn't want to know.

Current ideas for upgrades are as follows:

Cowon iAudio 10 32GB
You may just say get a J3 but they've unfortunately been discontinued and I have no real desire for a touchscreen player, I don't use it for videos, I just want Cowon sound quality. Plus, I like touch sensitive controls.

Audio Technica ATH-M50
Been recommended these headphones time and time again, I think they'll be great.


1. Is this a good combination?
2. Will I need a headphone amp? If yes, any recommendations?

After the headphones (£134) and the player (£150), I'll have approximately £40-£60 to spend on an amp.

If my taste is relevant:

I'm into ambient, doom metal, black metal, post-rock and instrumental, including:
Black Swan, Anathema, Esoteric, Eluvium, Jakob, Hammock, Earth, Stars of the Lid, Evoken, Mournful Congregation, Biosphere, Emuul, This Will Destroy You, Jesu, Grouper, Wodensthrone, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, maudlin of the Well, Agalloch, Brian Eno, Years Of Rice And Salt, Ahab, Two People In A Room, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Alrakis, Krallice, Deathspell Omega, Weakling, Swans, Gregor Samsa, Tarentel, Rosetta, Blut Aus Nord, Summoning, Mar De Grises, The Evpatoria Report, Tim Hecker, My Dying Bride, Burzum, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Skepticism, The Necks, God Is An Astronaut, Wolves in the Throne Room, Macabre, Sigur Rós, Sólstafir, Asva, Melvins, Ulver.

Check out my music taste:
Also hey guys, long time no see.
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