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Default meeelectronic m6 pros/cons

i need a replacement for my soundmagic pl-30. after a long, long search i found the m6, which seem to be a good choice. what i like about them is the over-the-ear cable and the shape of the earbuds - similar to the pl-30. the cables look solid. 90-degree-jack. why not sound magic again? their eartips don't fit my ears very well, so it's hard for me to get decend sound and sound insulation with them. the build quality of the pl-30 wasn't that good. the sound was pretty good with decent support by the eq. without (eq flat) they sound really disappointing.

before ordering them on amazon some questions:

- how's the sound quality? i don't expect wonders for that price, but still some decent sounding iems. i had some shure se 115, the delivered half the sound for the double price of the pl-30. brrrr! so much about amazon-reviews...!
- how do the "memory wires" at the earbuds work? ok? or just a gag? or, will they break after a short while? what about the build quality? ok? very good? so-so?
- how microphonic are the cables? i often listen to my music on the go, i hate cable-noise.
- are they comfortable?
- what about sound insulation? i like to listen at low volume, i don't need and want to blow my head off when listening to my music.

here are the required basic informations:

location: austria
price range: up to € 50,-
type: iems
source: cowon d2+, mp3 @ 192kBit/s
music: all kinds, classical, pop, world, jazz - no electronic stuff
sound: preferably clear, detailed and neutral. NO bass boosting stuff!
where: on the go, on public transport, train, at home on the sofa
and: good sound quality at low volume!

should i go for the m6? or are there better alternatives? or - are the m151 so much better, that they are worth the difference (priced € 80,- @

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