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Default battery Problem

My battery has started to suddenly run down very quickly (about 2 hours) when fully charged. i am guessing it has come to the end of it's rechargable life?

Is it possible to change yourself or does it need to be sent for repair?
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The battery is soldered to the main board so the average Joe might not be able to replace it if you can source one. Although, if you’re good at soldering and taking players apart it’s probably possible. You can find a disassembly guide here. If not, I'm sure Cowon would do it but I'm guessing it'll cost you upwards of $75.00+

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Gooner, it may also be the latest flash upgrade. I notice my cowon runs down a lot faster now. Not as quickly as yours but still much faster then it did. This is why they need to do one more flash update to fix this problem but I'm sure they won't. The one thing I do not like about Cowon is their obvious lack of respect for their customers. They know what their customers want but they ignore our requests. They won't fix the playlist issue but continue to release mp3 players that have the same issue with playlist limitations and even getting the playlists to show up and work properly.

A lot of folks complained about shortened battery life after the latest flash upgrade so this is why I think it may be that. How long have you had your player?
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