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Default Looking for some IEMs under 50 U$D

Hello! I hope you can help me to find a pair of IEMs that suits me.
what I'm looking for is very difficult to explain mainly because English is not my mother tongue.
Right now, I'm using a pair of Philips SHE9500 IEMs that I like a lot. I'm looking for something similar up to 50 U$D.

  • Budget: up to 50 U$D unless you convince me of spending a bit more.
  • Location: Argentina.... but I'll buy them online: ebay, aliexpress or mp4nation. Price + shipping in my country is so expensive that buying outside the country is 70% cheaper in most cases.
  • Category: in ear
  • Primary location of use: I'll use them with my Sansa Clip Zip. I normally listen to music while walking and studying (specially at the library to isolate "neighbours" students noise)
  • Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: I think you more or less can realize what I'm looking for by seeing the music I like to listen to. I also like a bit of bass. Let me explain this part. Before my sansa clip zip I owned a Sony Walkman NWZ-B142f which had a "megabass" function that I always turned on when using the headphones that came with the device. When I changed them for a pair of Philips SHE9500, I had to turn off that function because it became too bassy for me. Now with the Sansa clip zip i really miss the megabass because I find it almost nonexistent.
  • Media: I listen to a lot of symphonic metal, rock, calm music and probably classical music as well. I hate techno.
  • Source: 98% of the time, my Sansa clip zip.

I hope it is somehow clear .. Thanks in advance
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