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Default Android phone / DLNA receiver?

Hi all,

I just got a Samsung Exhibit ii 4g (t-mobile) and tried playing some music on it (through an external amp), and the sound turned out to be pretty bad. I could take some measurements with RMAA, but it's obviously not going to work as a music player except in an emergency. There were two problems:

1) what sounded like distortion at high frequencies -- possibly a DAC problem or an output stage.

2) intermittent clicks / hiccups, barely audible, but still very annoying.

I did not try rooting it, but it probably wouldn't help, especially with 1).

I also tried a Nexus sometime ago, and it didn't sound great, either.

I always liked the idea of the Android OS but thought most phones looked pretty ugly. The reason I chose the Exhibit II 4g is that it's reasonably small and doesn't feel like a brick in my pocket and to my eyes looks much better than the rest. And the hardware specs seemed good enough, and it accepts a micro SD.

I read somewhere that it's possible to use DLNA to play music from an Android device. At least the phone's crappy DAC wouldn't be used. Has anyone here had any experience with that? Is there a receiver with line-level output that I could use?

For now I'm going to keep using the Clip+, but it would be nice to have the phone double as a music player. To go a little off-topic, could anyone also recommend another Android or a Windows phone that could do that reasonably well?


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