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Default Tips for ripping classical music

I am re-ripping my classical music to AAC, but i couldn't find on the internet some tips to rip classical music.

First, classical music has many sounds togetherm, tc can be both complex or simple. Think of a solo flute vs a baroque orchestra with harpsichord vs beethoven symphonies.

1. Use VBR encoding, to maximize quality of the music as well as some space, i have noted that orchestral pieces go up to 289 kbps some times [using vlc media player codec info tool, i see real time update of the input bit rate], constant bit rate contrains the music.

2. stick from 192 to above in bit rates, 250 kbps VBR shall sound transparent

3. use a good encoder engine like nero for aac's or lame for mp3's, personally i can't say much as i haven't tested itunes AAC encoder. DON'T use WMP MP3 encoder

4. Always rip from a lossless source like a CD or a lossless file, never trust the internt if it say mp3 xxx kbps,. I spotted a CD supposedly at 320 kbps, but using audacity found it was a transcode....
That's the worst you can do to music transcode from losy to losy, all that was lost is lost forever.

5. If your hard drives has lots of space consider preserving the lossless versions of your CDs

6. if you don't have an option but to reencode (some car stereos still only play mp3's) COPY/PASTE the file and reencode the copied version

7. BACKUP, BACKUP and BACKUP, prevent disaster.

8. Tag them nicely with cover art at 500x500, 600x600 or 700x700, don't use the pathetic I. Allegro, II. Adagio...... hmmm Adagio from what????? i used to say until i decided to copy paste the work and so - concerto No. 1 op. 10: allegro next track concerto No. 1 op. 10: adagio.... whennever use the composer tag field or album artist field
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