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Default Clip Zip Rockbox USB speed

Hey guys just picked up a Clip Zip had to give away my clip+ my mom really liked it :P anyway right away I installed the rockbox and transferring files and realized the usb transfer speed was way slower than usual. Is this one of the well known bug/safety for the unstable port?
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Not as far as I can tell. I'm using the current (latest) build and have no issue. What build do you use?
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I just used TeraCopy to transfer 1 GB of files to and then from my Clip Zip running the development build 5785cfb-120625. The Teracopy log states the speed to the player was 5.1 MB/s. The speed back to the PC was 4.91 MB/s.

I transferred the same block of files to and from the Class 6 card I use as the external memory. The log said the speed was 5.1 MB/s going to the card and 5.0 MB/s transferring the other way.

Unstable means something different in Rockbox that what you may think. It has more to do with available features than stability in everyday use. The Clip Zip port being listed as unstable is due to the manual missing images and not all of the plugins being fully ported from what I've read on Rockbox irc.
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I'm using the latest build. It seems like after I restarted seem like it fixed the problem seem like it was my usb rather than the clip zip problem
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