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Lightbulb Best player for driving?

Hi all

I'm looking for some advice on an mp3 player that I will using mainly in the car. I quite liked my ipod shuffle with floola but it filled up too quick and it was ipod!, then I moved on to a rockboxed sansa which I like but I find difficult to see on such a small screen and difficult to navigate quickly whilst stuck in traffic.

Also if i don't know what the song is I have to take my eyes away from the road and squint at the screen and wait for the title to scroll along, which is why I'd like track announcment, like apple's Voiceover.

my ideal dream mp3 player would have -

  • track announcment
  • usb3 transfer
  • easy playlist creation on pc (had trouble getting clip+ to run playlists in msc)
  • easy playlist editor on mp3 player itself
  • nice display big enough to show whole track name at once
  • voice control
  • easy to rate song on device
  • easy to delete song on device
  • windows explorer drag and drop
  • 32gb storage either on hdd, or minisd
I recently bought an SGP 5.0 after looking at many reviews (it was Which's top-rated mp3 player) which I thought would tick nearly all the boxes above using the following android gadgets -

Tune Announcer (for track announcment)

Player Pro (for voice control and easy playlist creation, rating system and ability to delete song on device etc)

However the Tune Announcer doesn't seem to work on my SGP 5.0 and neith does IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ which I downloaded for a nicer voice but it wouldn't let me change from the default Pico TTS (this problem experienced by someone else here).

Also I don't think the voice recognition will work when I'm out of Wifi range? I haven't actually tried this yet, but I think it needs to send the voice to the server?

I'm probably going to return the SGP 5.0 as, apart from some apps not working, anyway it seems a bit too big, so I'll stick with the clip+ for a bit.

If anyone can suggest way to fix above issues or another player (probly android? I was thinking maybe just get a phone like HTC Desire, or Samsung Galaxy S2 as apps are more likely to work)

sorry I kno I'm asking a lot, but any thoughts, suggestions, help or ideas would be much appreciated!

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