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Help Good upgrade for CX300s (up to £50)?

Hi all

I'm thinking about upgrading my CX300s to something a bit better. The market seems to have quite a lot of high quality inexpensive IEMs at the moment so I'd like to capitalise on that.

I've narrowed down my search to these three:

RHA MA-350 (£30)
SoundMAGIC E10 (£35)
Klipsch S4/S5 (~£50)

My instinct is to go with one of the first two, because there seem to be very mixed reviews of the Klipsch efforts.

I'll be powering them primarily from my Sansa Fuze (running Rockbox), although I'll occasionally plug them into my phone (Galaxy S2) -- so some kind of remote control might be useful, which I know the M variant of the E10s has (it's not a dealbreaker though -- sound quality is the most important thing by far). I listen to a lot of instrumental (post-rock, classical) music as well as electronica. The main characteristics I like in cans are good bass, plenty of detail and expansive imaging (I've always felt the CX300s weren't great on the latter point). Primary use is while walking.

I can't find a great deal of information about the RHAs, and no comparisons between them and the E10s. They seem a bit better features-wise with the nontangle, braided cable, but they're also a Y cable which I'm not a huge fan of. They're based not far from where I live so it's nice to support a local business, assuming they are good 'phones of course.

Anyone have experience of these 'phones who can provide a recommendation?
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Iím not sure if you can get a deal on the A151ís living in the UK but if you can, you should give them a shot. Their SQ is a very good bang for the buck IMHO. On the other hand if you really need a remote and mic, the A161Ps are even better SQ, but since they were recently released you might not find a good deal on them yet. BTW the remote and mic on most headphones today do not work on the Fuze but may work on the galaxy S2, you have to check the mfg specs as most are made for ipods :/

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the klipsch S4 I would say don't bother - I'm not talking about their sound quality versus the others, just that they are not particularly durable, I had a pair break easily on me even whilst I was being careful with them.
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and I just have to be the counterpoint and say that my S4 is still going strong after 2 years of light use. First year with me as a backup/situational set and a second year with my cousin as his primary. They arent tanks or anything but I dont see much difference in their build and others int he same price range. I do like my e10 better.
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The best deal on an IEM in the UK is the Radiopaq Jazz for just 10 quid on Amazon UK. The list price on this is 60 quid. it was selling at 30 quid for a long time. The reviews of this on are quite good.

The Soundmagic E10 is said to be great if you like extra bass. The Klipsch s4 hasn't gotten such great reviews. I say pass on it. I haven't read anything on the other one you mentioned. I say get the Radiopaq Jazz(or two of them) and the E10.

Using an IEM while walking might be dangerous. I use open, traditional earbuds when walking around, especially if I will be waking through or near traffic. i use an IEM when I am sitting down.
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I got the Radiopaq Jazz for £10. I'm alternating between them and my Meelec CC-51's at the Moment. Not sure which I prefer, but for £10 these things are fantastic
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