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Default Dilemma MP3 192kbps VS AAC 192kbps

Hello folks I saw on various soruces from the internet claiming that AAC 192 is waaay better than mp3 192.

Some claim that MP4 [AAC] at 192 is equivalent of mp3 256 others that of mp3 @ 320

My dilemma is it's if mp3 192 is a bad choice for classical music? i want to re-download everything and re-rip my CDs using AAC 192 Kbps

I know mp3 is a little old and has various drawback like cut offs at certain frequencies

a web site showed a graph of a WAV file, a WMA 192, mp3 192 CBR [like i do] Ogg virbis 192 and AAC 192

ogg and AAC matched almost the wav graph contour, the mp3 did a horrid cut off at 19 KHz

So you recommend me to change to the modern format, or stick with 192 mp3's?

My fear is that if mp3 is an old format it would be eventually phased out in the near future, you know BD movies now have mp4 audio channel, many devices play mp4

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