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Unhappy Iaudio dead, only lights up when connected to usb

I have a year old iaudio 9 and it refuses to start up. I tried holding down the power on/off button but the player does not respond. When i connect it to my PC through the USB cable it lights up and says "Battery Full" . If i disconnect the USB and try putting on the player without it and then plug in the USB again the player starts up normally with an "electricity/charging" sign on the battery indicator. All player functions Music/Pics work perfectly. (So i am assuming that when i try starting it, something boots up inside, but the screen is completely dead.) As soon as i unplug the USB, it shuts down abruptly and then doesn't turn on.

Earlier it was never possible to browse the player while charging from the USB cable but now it's strangely possible. If i leave the player on(through the USB plugged in) it goes off to sleep after a while and then again the 'Battery Full" sign comes up.

Another thing is that my PC does not recognize the device as in it behaves as if there is nothing connected at all.

--I tried pressing the reset button many times but to no avail.
--Since the PC simply does not detect anything when the USB is attached it means i can't use anything like tcctool to unbrick it.

-- Firmware version was 1.14.

-- Could it be that for some reason the player is recognizing the USB cable as an AC power adapter(on the adapter one can use the player functions, right?)

-- I don't think it's a battery issue because until yesterday it was giving me very decent battery life (>10 hrs), so suddenly the battery can't go bust one day. Also it shows full battery all the time(erroneous it may be)

--It'll be great if anyone of you could assist me with this. The most frustrating thing is that it's not being recognized by the PC at all which makes it impossible to do anything(and i cross-checked with 3 different PC's).

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