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Default In praise of Phonak PFE 012s

I recently purchased a pair of PFE 012s and I've just posted this review on

I'm not a great review writer but I'm so pleased with my Phonak 012s that I feel moved to write something about them.

I think I've found my perfect in-ears with the 012s. I've worked my way up over the years from generic earbuds to a pair of Sennheiser CX300s, then Klipsch Image S4s and now the Phonaks and I've noticed a worthwhile improvement with each step.

The S4s are excellent earphones but I find the bass is a bit overdone, uneven and unnatural sounding, whereas the Phonaks have a very smooth and even performance over the entire frequency range. The bass goes as low as the S4s but it's tighter and more well defined. The mids are full, bright and clear and there's no shrillness or sibilance at the top end. The music just sounds more natural and there seems to be more 'air' (is that what audiophiles call 'soundstage'?) than with any other IEMs I've tried. With well recorded music I'm able to hear every little nuance - things like vocal breath sounds, string buzz, fret noise etc., are clearer than I've ever heard before.

They are also the most comfortable and least fiddly in-ears I've ever tried - they just go in and stay there with a really good seal. Absolutely fantastic for late-night listening in bed or for a nice walk on the beach.

I listen to mostly blues and 60s/70s rock on my Cowon J3 with high bitrate mp3s and I think the biggest compliment I can give the Phonaks is that after a couple of minutes I just forget they are there.

I just wanted to thank Anythingbutipod - but for you guys and your honest reviews I would never have heard of Phonak.

Cowon J3 + Phonak 012s + good music = sonic heaven
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