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Default Clip+ "died" and has come back to life

Does anyone recognise these symptoms?
I bought clip+ essentially for holidays and it is not often used.
Yesterday I attached it to my new Roberts Stream 83i and ran it for a few hours. Much longer than I have tried before. It was 100% charged up from start.
When I came to disconnect the screen showed a track that had not been played but would not switch off or respond to any of the buttons being pressed.
Later the screen was cleared but over next 5 hours it was still unresponsive to any buttons being pressed. My PC did not listed the device when connected nor did my Roberts Stream 83i.
On my way to bed last night I had one more try and 7 hours on it came back.
The initial screen message was low battery and went off immediately.
It is now recharging "as normal".
I have always had a 16gb disk in the device which is about 98% full while internal disk is about 35%.
Battery has never been allowed to run low before.
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Welcome to ABi

From what you describe it died because you didn't turn it off once it froze. Holding the power button for a while, 30 seconds or more, should have turned it off.

I haven't had a sansa freeze during playback since I cleaned my tags and ran my mp3 files through MP3Val and foobar2000 integrity checker. I'd also be sure you have than latest firmware and check the disc for errors.
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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Welcome to ABi
Holding the power button for a while, 30 seconds or more, should have turned it off.
Thank you for that. I did not hold the button down anywhere long enough.
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I had my 8 gig Clip+ for almost two years now. I love it and take it on my long excercise walk every morning. It has "died" at least twice. Not recently, and I don't remember exactly what I did to restore it in the past. But yesterday on my walk it stopped with a blank screen. I did not think it was a battery problem since it had been recently fully charged. But I stuck it in my pocket and plugged it into the AC USB charger over night when I got home. It was still "dead" this morning. I held the power button, pushed other buttons, wacked it on the desk, all to no avail. I started shopping online for the best price for a Clip Zip. But when I held the power button down and the volume button, the little flower suddenly appeared. It stayed without anything else happening for a while, so I shut it down and turned it on again. It started playing where it had left off. I guess it is good to go.

Any suggestions as to why this might happen, how to prevent it and what to do if it does (other then try all the buttons)? Thanks.......
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Originally Posted by tmozer View Post
wacked it on the desk
Why would you do that?
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