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Hello folks. as yo know my nick name suggedts that i love classical music.
I also like rock but from the 60's 70's.

There's a bunch of reports/articles/studies made that dangerous levels of iPods/mp3 players making young people go deaf due to the high volumes.

I have a condition called unilateral hearing loss, is not funny to be able to hear well on one ear and have the other crippled.

I don't know why i have this, and i never went to an audiologist, but for sure i listen to my iPod safely using Headphones in general, i never go past "10" in sony walkman volume control.

I am trying to recall if when i was a kid i used to listen at high volumes, my mom says so

I refrain you from removing your IEMS in noisy environments, i did that yesterday by misjudgement of the vacuum cleaner noise

and it's been since that day and i have a tinnitus on my affected ear by the unilateral hearing loss.

Tinnitus is that annoying hight pitched ringing in your ears, like a tuning fork always sounding

My hearing on my left ear requieres approx 5 on a walkman volume to listen.
In contrast with my right ear it needs half of the volume of a walkman or 16.

I can't hear high frequencies and mids, most classical music relies on those, bach violin partiten und sonaten, mozart. i can hear lows well

so to give you folks an idea of how i hear, left i hear well the whole spectrum

right i hear like i was in a room adjacent to the music, like kind of a muffled sound, imagine Haydns keyboard works on a harpsichord and you can hear only what left portion of the keyboard is playing, TUM TUM TRRTUUUM TTUM and wonder wehere's the higher freqs?

I have heard that hearing loss is not reversible, i should have had checked it on time.

So please refrain think Twice BEFORE JAMMING THE VOLUME + KNOB/BUTTON UP, being half deaf is no fun. Play it safe

I think the possible theories of my hearing loss is:
a) premature birth and blindnes in left eye, whata coincidence. Blind eye good hearing, functioning right eye, semi-deaf right ear
b) My house paint materials, displays like colorful brittling, possibly lead poisoning
c)noisy surroundings, high traffic
d)childhood loud headphones use, despite i can't recall this one i don't remember either having an infection

How much does an audiometrics costs in your country to give me an idea how much it costs

Thanks folks for thsi great forum of audio and again PLAY IT SAFE

I was surfing wikipedia for unilateral hearing loss and other scary causes is an acoustic neuroma [nerve cancer]

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