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Default Help me choose: Cowon J3, X7, Samsung 4.2, 5.0


I would like to get some advice on buying a new mp3 player. I currently have a Cowon S9, which I'm extremely happy with, for the following reasons. Most of all, I love the sound it produces and the way you can tweak that. Secondly, I think the battery is excellent: it seemingly lasts forever, and frequent charging doesn't harm it (it doesn't matter that you shouldn't let it run empty, because that just doesn't happen). Thirdly, you can simply access it as a mass storage device to manage your music. And then there are some other features which make the S9 very nice to use, but that may be less crucial, such as the hardware buttons (play/pause, vol up/down and prev/next), the amazing amoled screen and the reasonably small size of the player.

So why do I need a new one? Because 32 GB just isn't enough.

My first idea was to get an X7, but then I saw how big it is and how mediocre its screen resolution is. It's still an option, but less attractive mainly because of its size. 160 GB, Cowon audio quality and an incredible battery life are big bonuses, though.

My next option was a J3. Pretty much identical to the S9, but with a slightly longer battery life and a microSD slot. This pretty much sealed the deal, but when I was looking for a place to buy it, I came across the Samsung 4.2 and 5.0.

I hadn't considered an Android device as an mp3 player before. My main concern here is of course the audio quality, but there's also the lack of physical buttons, and I wonder if I can manage my music files as easily as with my S9. I'd also need to buy more/bigger microSD cards, since these devices have no more than 16 GB built in, and Android will need a lot of that. And if I go for a Samsung, I'm not sure which one I'd prefer. The 4.2 is more compact and has a newer Android version, but the 5.0 has a much better battery, though on the 4.2 it's replaceable.

So given these options and considerations, what would you do? Did I miss any options? (Cowon Z2 is out because of the battery life (and the weird Android version) and Sony Z1000 doesn't have a microSD slot.)

Thanks, regards, Miel.
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cowon j3, cowon x7, samsung galaxy player 4.2, samsung galaxy player 5.0

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