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Default Sony MDR-XD100 Review

I forgot on my headphones history, in december i bought a pair of sonys XD100's headphones.

They're termed "Hi-fi, for movie and game headphones", so I bought them for 20 bucks misleaded by the term Hifi and being on ear headphones with confy cushions.

Build qulaity: ughhhh!!!! all is plastic, there is no even a cushion on the headband, they semm they will break if accidentally dropped on a short distance.

The absence of padding on the headband makes my head hurt after a hour of wearing them.

Cable tangled like crazy and has tangle-memory now look like two ribbons all twisted on the era cups part. basically the Y part of the cord.

Sound quality: They have decent mids and highs but WHAT?????? NO BASS!!!! not even a presence bass, nothing.... Even my XBA-1 have more bass than those things.

So the sound quality is not good if n bass is present, they sound tinny and annoying, is like eharing classics on an outdated LP disc.

Sound isolation: Nada, nothing, nicht, keine... external sounds are AMPLIFIED instead, i have a neighbor with 5 chihuahua dogs and the barking gets extremely annoying on those that music drowns in an instant.

I can hear people talking withouth removing them LOL

aNd in general the cable is too LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG

i have steped on it, crushed it, rolled over with my office chair and literraly the cable has suffered a lot of crushy rude treatment.

They need lots of power i think ot make they sound their best, maybe a fiio amp on the ipod, no matter if iset the ipod to damn 100% NO BASS

So i thinking about of stomping them to death
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